Once you have chosen your furniture you are ready for to pick the finish. Keep in mind the finish can completely change the look of a piece.

We offer a wide selection of finish options. You can choose to leave the wood natural, or have it stained, painted or do a combination of the two. Then you can add things like rub thru, distressing, and glazing.

Our builders use Ohio Certified stains and paints, Minwax stains and any Sherwin Williams paint color. Then they apply a Catalyzed conversion varnish, this is a premium grade finish that is very environmentally friendly. We also offer different sheens.

If you already have a finish in mind that you do not see you can call or email us and we will check with our builders about doing it. We would love to help you find that special piece that you are looking for.

If you like our builders will sign the piece and date it. They can even add a special message to mark an event or anniversary.When you place an order with us you will receive heirloom quality furniture that was built for you and your family to enjoy for many years.


Sheen refers to the shine or gloss of the finish. You can order low, medium or high sheen.

Distressing is a way to make the wood looked aged. This can involve hitting it with chains or hammers to produce pitting, and other characteristics of aged furniture.

Rub thru or glazing are finishes that give the furniture a country, antique or cottage appearance. A painted finish with rub thru is great for a beach house.

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